About Zanbazan

Zanbazan means “woman to woman” in Dari-Persian.  Pronounced Zan-bah-zan.



It is my goal to empower ALL women because I believe we CAN have it all!

As a first generation American, minority, and female, I had to overcome many obstacles throughout life. I lost my father at a young age and watched my mother make ends meet, raising six children under the age of 18 without speaking any English! I quickly understood the values of work ethic and grit. I attended the United States Military Academy and commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer. I had many “firsts” under my belt- most notably, the first female cannon platoon leader to the Army’s ONLY Airborne M777 unit.

There wasn’t much I couldn’t overcome through hard work. Every time someone told me it couldn’t be done, I questioned the statement and showed them it could be done! I had always been taught that hard work prevails…. That was until I became a mother.

Life as a new mom, with a demanding job, and husband deployed, I thought my success had come to end and I was ready to quit- EVERYTHING! I never set out to be an entrepreneur or business owner. I had a problem and I was looking for efficiency anywhere I could find it! This is how Zanbazan came to be!



With my first prototype (hand-sewn by my beloved mother), I went back to work, kicking butt and taking names! This patent pending apparel allowed me to pump for my babies in even the most austere training environments, providing discretion and thusly comfortability so my milk supply came back.

This company was founded in the spirit of developing solutions without compromise for new mothers. Moreover, to enable working mothers who decide to breastfeed their babies. We know the challenges (environmental and garment related) and we aim to assist new mothers as they navigate their own careers as well as their family narrative



While each environment is unique, certain trends remain constant. The desire for a discreet, professional, and easy to use while pumping. Furthermore, our clothes can be used after pumping- its for breastfeeding AND beyond! You work too hard for your money to waste it on something that will only be worn for a short time. We at Zanbazan offer a revolutionary designs to meet the needs of working mothers, because all mothers work. Zanbazan, woman to woman!

Yours truly,

Wife, Mother, Friend, Soldier

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